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Subversion of the West;  Manifest Destiny betrayed.

   While God chose Israel,  the  Anglo Saxon people chose God. Thus they were greatly blessed , preserved and protected by God through hi mighty hand and outstretched arm.  God’s blessings were echoed in the work of Alexis de Tocqueville, who stated in his book “Democracy in America” published in 1836, that “I searched throughout the land for the  source of Americas prosperity and power. But I was at a loss until entered their churches. There, I heard righteousness thundering from her pulpits. Then I knew I had found  the greatness of America. America is great because she is good. However if she ever ceases being good, she will cease being great.”

    In our history books of the nineteenth century, time after time were shown how the hand of God had supernaturally  delivered Washington and his army from great peril to unlikely victories. How even in the midst of cold, hunger and despair, God made a way. These words  greatly inspired subsequent generations, paving the way for the idea that America had a special place in God’s plan for the ages.

    A Manifest Destiny to enlarge out nation from the Atlantic to the Pacific. To make America a beacon of hope to the world. At the beginning our founders in Rhode Island  stated that it is the universal desire of our people, to  create all that is Roman in Providence. Like in ancient times, the Roman armies matched under a banner with the letters  SPQR meaning  “For the Senate  and People of Rome.” They endeavored to be worthy and do likewise.

    The Robber Barons of the late nineteenth century thought this great legacy and the Christian faith were the chief obstacles  to their quest to obtain absolute power. So they laid careful plans to destroy both.  Only a demonic indwelling could have driven these thirtyish families to singlemindedly pursue this goal of power and subversion generation after generation.

     After several years of  meetings in the smoke filled rooms of the gentlemen’s clubs and society functions, they decided on a multifaceted approach  to their goal. Several of the elite chose to create their own universities. See notes. Others, like the Rockefellers,  decided to create programs inside rural communities, especially among the minorities in the South.

   This soon resulted in racist backlash that these Blacks were being educated. Even the US Congress got involves, doing their best to create  chaos for votes, and yes, race baiting. Does this sound familiar?  

   The Rockefellers, as well as others, saw the “fine work” that the Magnate Cecil Rhodes  had accomplished in creating the Rhodes scholarship program at his school, Oxford, in England about 1902.  The purpose of this program was to lure the top students to the school from across the British Empire.  These young minds  to be educated in the latest works of the great men of the secular Victorian age.

   The focus here was to root out the superstitions of earlier generations, replacing these hinderances  to progress with the new sciences of Darwin and Freud. This was the height of Empire, with the immortal words written  by Kipling for Queen Victoria’s jubilee still fresh in their minds.

   “God of our fathers, known  of old, Lord of our far flung battle line, beneath whose awful hand we hold, dominion under palm and pine. Lord God of hosts be with us yet, lest we forget, lest we forget.” And several  more such verses  of Kipling’s  “Recessional.”

   Yet what with all that, it was famously quoted from  Gandhi that “I would have become a Christian but for Christians.” Their arrogance of race, class and money mocked their words.

     They taught the  other perversions of the German enlightenment that closely followed behind  Darwin and Freud.

   The Rockefeller foundation was greatly impressed by the success of the Rhodes foundation  at Oxford. They sent many young American students to Oxford  to the Rhodes school of government. 

     They wanted  to do likewise here in America.  However, there was a problem.


                  Subverting the American universities.

    As has been noted, the Rockefeller foundation promoted good causes, donations to improve the quality of life for many. This was done to improve their public image.  Their name had been badly tarnished by their relentless pursuit of profit no matter what the cost in misery and deliberate bloodshed.

   They used religious groups as unwitting front men in their diabolical  plan.  These good works were done to gain access to the great universities. 

    The great universities were always in need of donations.

The Rockefeller foundation pledged money to these universities, but with one critical catch.  They funded chairs in the universities to rewrite our history to change the past, their present and therefore out future.  They did their best to systemically  remove the traditionalists teaching in the universities,  replacing them with their own men.

   The removing of the Christian faith from our society has always been the basic drive of their foundation. They wholly adopted the godless mantra of the socialists and Soviets.

   Today, thanks to these relentless assaults, only those students who mindlessly accept their ideology are recommended to the best post grad universities. Only their graduates are considered  for  teaching professorships in today’s colleges. Any professor who strays from this socialist godless politically correct mantra will have his funding cut,  her  university chair yanked out from under her, and he will be blackballed from his profession. If this was not done the university would lose millions in Rockefeller money.


Controlling the narrative

   Equally as important to reframing the American mind was controlling what our people read in the newspapers. Starting in the late nineteenth century, the American elite started buying up the newspapers and installing their carefully trained ideologues in the editorial positions, and reporters with the proper mindset to write the daily opinions of the masses. The nationwide telegraph made possible the wire services who guided the needed daily narrative.  After some years, all the cities major papers were controlled by five corporations. This made it possible for the elite to promote their candidates for public office in all parties, and also making sure that fringe groups were totally unknown to the general public. As is often said, “the fix was in.”


John Dewey  vrs the New England Primer

What  is the New England Primer? I’m so glad you asked.

    This Primer was the Bible based textbook used since the earliest colonial period to teach children to read, write and do basic math. It taught Bible at the same time as it was used to teach a child basic education.

For example, teaching children the alphabet:

A  in Adam’s sin,we sinned All…B Heaven to find; The Bible Mind … C Christ crucify'd  For sinners dy'd.  … D  The Deluge drown'd The Earth around  … E  ELIJAH hid By Ravens fed…      F  The judgment made FELIX afraid.

  OR;  If King David had 8 shekels, Bathsheba took 3 how many does David have left?  Every  teaching used Biblical examples.

   All this could not be allowed in the socialist vision of the Rockefeller foundation. They promoted  John Dewey, whose agenda was to remake and secularize American primary school education.

   In Dewey’s ideology, the mother was  not a fit person to educate her children. She had a host of inbred  thoughts feelings and perceptions based in ignorance and superstitions that  had no place in the World he envisioned to create.

   It therefore was the logical assumption that since the parents and local community had no competence to educate children, that role must be assumed by the state.

   Once the state has seized this role by its authority, it must also  proceed to take control of the entire welfare of the child, Physical,, nutrition, medical care.  To have the state  create organizations to guide the children’s spare time , To use such mandatory activities to enable the mindset desired by the state.  Shades of the soon coming Hitler Youth and  the Russian Bolshevik Young Communist League.

   The National Educational assn, the Teachers Federation, and Teachers Unions are essential to wrest control of the children from their parents. The local school boards rubber stamp the choices made by the state and local regulatory agencies.  School board member candidates  are almost universally chosen for their ideology by the state teacher assn’s. Any outsider / parent running for school board  is always denounced as unqualified, ideologically  compromised, ((usually for being a person of Faith)) bigoted, insensitive to the needs of the children and society.

  The final part of the story, that of the world wide subversion of the Rockefeller  financed Russian Bolsheviks; along with their Swiss partners and several other foundations,  will have to wait for another time.

     Lewis Brackett, San Diego California.

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