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                                          Pilgrim Plantation 1634

    My Mother's Crocker family's first American ancestors arrived in the Massachusetts Bay colony in 1634. Their Church group was "Banned in  Boston" :), and certaionly not wanted in Plymouth .  They helped found the town of Scituate halfway between Plymouth and Boston for all those not wanted elsewhere...

    Five years later, there was so much confusion between the several church groups in Scituate, that Pastor Lothrop's church decided to leave to start the town of Barnstable on the North shore of Cape Cod in 1639.
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""Pilgrim Plantation 1634  Lewis Brackett""


      Their Lives, their love, their world.....

                              Piscataqua 1630's    Read free on this site!

   My Father's Brackett family's first American ancestors arrived at the Piscataqua river valley near what is now Portsmouth New Hampshire in 1630. They were sent there as workers for setting up a plantation in that area. This novella can  be found on Amazon Kindle.
     Readers may note that the Piscataqua natives are not mentioned very much in this story. Thing is the sources say they had mostly died of smallpox or fled the area by 1623..
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The Endevor Voyages

Among the 
sea of stars

The English voyaged West before Columbus
   Yes, the Devon and Basque fishermen fished the Grand Banks of Newfoundland centuries before Columbus!
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   The University of Newfoundland has much on this topic!
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